PP Corrugated Sheets

Commercial solution, qualified service
and time advantage in global sense.

  • Systematic operation and providing surplus value.
  • Operational continuity.
  • Reliable and easily accessible.
  • Innovative and solution-focused work.

Service in world-wide.

As the result of the compliance and teamwork with overseas offices and partners, we provide flexible, practical and solution-oriented service, in a continuous manner in all stages of Projecting, Purchasing, Storage, Transportation and Customs in all stages of world-wide operations related with supply chain management.

Standard or project-based flexible
production opportunity according to your needs.

In the Steel and Wooden door product group which is being produced with Spectrum brand and under the light of long years international production experience, trust and service have been sold for many years to the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Turkic Republics. We are very proud and happy to present not only the production standard products in door group product range but also project-based flexible doors as a solution partner to our customers.


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