Through its dealer network for more than 600 dealer network, experienced, flexible and solution focused staff, Sanetron brand expands its customer portfolio in security sector day by day and providing trust and service to its customers.

AHD / IP Cameras

It produces Full HD dome, bullet, box, ptz camera types which provides uninterrupted performance with high image quality, and produces cameras that take customer safety to the highest level with the analytical software support.

Megapixel Options
1 MP / 1.3 MP / 2 MP / 3 MP / 5 MP / 4K Ultra HD

DVR / XVR / NVR Recorders

You can prefer 4 channel supported recorders for your office or house or 256 channel supported records for increasing the security in your projects with the recorders with high capacity which offers the opportunity of storing and watching in HD image quality.

Through the mobile software support on all recording devices, you can view your cameras or watch previous recordings with your mobile devices.

Channel Options
4 ch / 8 ch / 16 ch / 36 ch / 64 ch / 128 ch / 256 ch

Laser and Thermal Cameras

By choosing laser and thermal cameras for professional use in areas –requiring high-level security and control, you cannot miss anything even at night, daytime, or foggy weather, with quality and superior software features.

You can obtain strong visibility distance with Laser IP PTZ Cameras with auto tracking and intelligent analysis and it provides high level services with the technology of vehicle detection up to 25.000 meters with Thermal IP PTZ Cameras and human detection up to 10,000 meters.

Unique Technologies

Software such as face recognition, scene change, object detection, boundary violation, field detection, dropout, missing item with high quality cameras, recorders, switches, alarms and fire products, as well as analytical software cameras and recorders, Increase safety with technology.

It makes life easier thanks to unique software technologies like parking software and license plate recognition systems.


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